Warranty Policy

Our Lifetime warranty covers all wheel light kits, and rock lights. Portal Lights are subject to a limited warranty of 60 days. 

Warranty only covers manufacturer defects, in the event lighting becomes damaged from an outside source it will not be covered under our warranty. 

We require the customer to remove the defective lighting from the vehicle and send it back to us for inspection so we can verify that the item is defective. In the event the items are not defective you are responsible for the shipping cost, if the items are defective all costs incurred will be covered by Wheel Light Express.  



All warranties are non-transferable. Warranty terms and policies are subject to change without notice.
All warranties, expressed or implied, are void if our warranty claim department determines that there is sufficient evidence of one or more of the following:

  • Abuse: Damage beyond the limits of "normal wear and tear."
  • Unauthorized Repair: Repair service performed or attempted by an unauthorized party.
  • Unauthorized Dealer: Purchase of items through any unauthorized party.