Wheel Light Sizing Guide

One common misconception regarding wheel light sizing relates to the wheel size itself. Contrary to popular belief, as long as you have a minimum wheel size of 19 inches, you should not encounter any difficulties when installing wheel lights of various sizes. In fact, even if you have 18-inch or 17-inch wheels, it is possible to fit a 15-inch wheel light with careful installation. It's important to approach the installation process diligently to ensure a proper fit.


F150 - 96-08 15 Inch Ring 
F150 - 08-current 17 Inch Ring 
F250 and up - all years 17 Inch Ring 


1500 Truck/SUV - ALL YEARS 15 Inch Ring 
2500 and up Truck/SUV - ALL YEARS 17 Inch Ring 


1500 - previous-08 15 Inch Ring 
1500 - 08-current 17 Inch Ring 
2500 and up - ALL YEARS 17 Inch Ring 


Tacoma all years 15 Inch Ring
Tundra all years 17 Inch Ring